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Pre-fabricated arch hangar is a universal type of steel construction of multi-functional target application. It is assembled directly on the building site with the use of high-tech equipment. This technology enables us to manufacture and assemble the building as big as 2000 square meters in just two or three weeks. With  single aisle width from 10 to 25 m and practically unlimited length from 20 to 200 m  such hangars can be used  as a trade, sport or exhibition building, a car center, a workshop, a logistics complex, a warehouse, a shelter, grain or vegetable warehouse, a hangar for airplanes, helicopters, yachts or outsizal equipment, etc. Having small weight, this construction doesn’t require expensive potent substructures, instead, a usual light perimeter foundation is used, which makes the work much faster. Folded joints of panels make the construction both en bloc and leak-tight, which prevents heat losses and decreases the cost of heating. Absence of dumplings, bolts and nuts saves time and consumable material. The buildings are extra-strong: they are earthquake-proof and can carry snow load up to 180kg/square meter and wind-load up to 200km per hour without additional beams or other frameworks; besides, they are durable. Arch construction can be assembled both in warn and cold modifications.

Main advantages ,of hangars are:
RELIABILITY: because the load is uniformly distributed and the construction is en bloc, the building can carry big static and dynamic loads;

QUALITY:specially prepared zinked steel with polymer coating does not require any additional processing and makes the building look esthetically complete both inside and outside;

PROMPTNESS: high-speed production directly on the building site and less time required to make the perimeter foundation together with minimal number of point contacts of the construction makes it possible to complete a hangar within two or three weeks;

ECONOMY: low metal consumption, perimeter foundation, low cost of transportation and minimum of technical devices used are the main cost-cutting factors;

UNIVERSALISM: pleasant modern looks, big useful single aisle space, ease in change of target use and in legalization of the construction make it universal.

Wide application of hangars with different target use combined with high quality, reliability and promptness of assembly as well as significant economy makes them the priority choice of metal structures.

Stages of construction

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