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Stick-frame buildings

Frame-tent  buildings

 (assembled hangars)

 Main measurements:

А-type width 13м, perimeter height 3-5м, length 20-100м
B-type width from 13 to 20м, perimeter height 4-6м, length 20-100м


Fast-assembly hangar building consists of aluminum frame and casing made from transparent tent with PVC coating. The main advantage of such constructions made of light metal elements is that they do not require basement. Together with easy to assemble module construction it provides quick and reliable assembly. Assembling smaller constructions of this type do not even require the use of a fork-truck and even big ones seldom need a crane. Assembly is so easy that it may be performed by unskilled workers under a foreman’s supervision, which is a weighty argument, especially if you are planning to remove the construction afterwards.

Such buildings are mainly used as warehouses, but also as enclosing or roofing for weather-sensitive construction sites, products or goods, guarded equipment and machines storage, car park or temporary assembly shop. With walls cased with zinked, and painted shaped sheets they are often used for exhibitions or sales as well as for enlarging trade space during special events or in the periods of repair works. Assembled hangars can be settled on an existing paved, asphalted or macadam surface. It is fixed in the ground with one meter long soil nails. If the surface is uneven, we are prepared to consult you on possibilities of building the construction you have chosen at the spot without any preliminary works. If you have a readymade concrete surface, we can fix the hangar on it with the help of concrete nails.  As for legal formalities, they are usually insignificant. 

Stick-frame buildings